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Why should I choose Magpie Designs for my digital embroidery file needs?


At Magpie Designs, we're committed to providing you with affordable high quality design files and digitizing services to ensure beautiful, problem-free embroidered results. We carefully manage all file workflow throughout the digitizing process to minimize your time delays, production costs and inconvenience associated with excessive jumps, trims or colour changes during stitch out. Each design is carefully tested on multiple types of fabric, vinyl and leather and will state in the product information on each design's page what fabric(s) were used. As part of the design testing stage, a design is stitched out on both commerical multi-needle machines and single needle machines to assure that the design runs smoothly.    All of our digitizing is done in-house, and none of our embroidery files are ever out-sourced to discount third-party digitizing services.  In the unlikely event you encounter problems with one of our files, you can also easily connect directly with the actual digitizer and be assured of prompt personalized attention.


Will your design work on my machine?  What machine file formats are available?


Each brand of embroidery machine operates using its own proprietary file format. Please refer to your machine manual for the correct machine format.


Each design file that you purchase and download from Magpie Designs comes in the following most common file formats:







Husqvarna / Viking

HUS. & VP3. & VIP

Brother / Babylock / Deco






Tajima (Commercial Format)


Melco / Bravo (Commercial Format)



Please ensure that the design you purchase will safely fit inside your embroidery machine's hoop.  Some designs will be larger than the hoop sizes available for your particular make and model of embroidery machine.  There are no refunds or exchanges since design purchases are digital downloads.  

The machine file formats available for a particular design and other pertinent design information are contained in the linked Design Info Sheet pdf on each product page (and is provided as a download to you). 


If you require a format not specified in the above-mentioned list, e-mail us at magpiedesigns@bellnet.ca to see if we can create the particular machine file format you need.   We'll be happy to respond within 24 hours.



I have two different embroidery machines.  Do I need to purchase two separate files?


No.  Each design file comes with all the popular machine file formats included for that design’s hoop size.  Custom digitized file orders will only be provided in the specific file formats requested. 


What software do you design with?


Wilcom Embroidery Studio Designing e4.5


What Operating System (OS) do I need (Windows 10, Mac OS)?


You can download and unzip the design folders onto either Windows or Mac OS.


Would you like photo's of finished projects?  Do you have an 'inspiration' area? 


We'd love to see your finished projects showcasing our designs and would be very pleased to share them with other avid embroidery enthusiasts.  Feel free to e-mail us your results to magpiedesigns@bellnet.ca.  Please include any details, story or explanation of your project that would help to inspire others.


How do I contact you?


You can contact us through our Contact Us page to submit any questions, suggestions or comments you would like.  We welcome your feedback and will endeavour to respond to all messages within 24 hours of receipt.


Where are you located?


We are located in Whitby, Ontario Canada.


Can I sell my finished items with your designs on them?  


Yes, you can sell your finished projects/items using Magpie Designs embroidery files subject to limitations as set out in our Copyright & License agreement. 


What currency are your digital files/services charged in?


All products and services are charged in Canadian dollars.  Applicable taxes will only apply to orders originating within Canada.  Purchases can certainly be made with foreign currencies.  Your final cost in that currency will be determined through the appropriate conversion rate applied at checkout (i.e. by Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, etc.). 


Do you accept credit card payment by phone, personal cheques or money orders?

Currently we do NOT accept credit card payments by phone, personal cheques or money order.


What if I have no Paypal account? 


You can still you use Paypal as your payment method by checking out through the shopping cart as a guest or one-time user.  You are not required to sign up for a Paypal Account if you don’t want to. 


What if I lose my account password?  I can’t login to my account?


First confirm that you have typed in the correct e-mail address and password. If you still can't login please follow this link to login and/or create a new password 


What is your return/refund policy for digital design files?  


Because the nature of the “products” you purchase are digital files, there is no exchange, refund or returns of said files permitted. For additional information please refer to our Returns & Exchanges Policy page.


Can I resize my design?

It is not recommended that you resize your designs since they have been digitized to stitch out with best results for the size specified.  Increasing a design size in the machine format your embroidery machine uses will not necessarily add necessary stitch, underlay or pull compensation adjustments.  It merely increases the physical size of the stitch-out design likely causing problems with mis-registration of the design file, improper stitch lengths, etc.

If you decrease the size of a design it does not decrease the stitch count and you run the risks of stitches being so small they will stitch one on top of the other, needle breaks, thread breaks and/or fabric tearing. 

It is always best to contact us by email through our Contact Us page before purchasing a design should you require a size not currently listed on the website.  It would be our pleasure to provide you with a size-adjusted file to ensure your design stitches out with optimum results!

Can I combine designs to make a new design?

Yes.  Follow the recommended instructions in your embroidery machine’s user manual or your software.

I have transferred the embroidery designs to my USB stick but it doesn’t show up on my embroidery machine screen.  Why?

Refer to your embroidery machine’s user manual to properly format your USB stick and to confirm the size of the USB stick your machine can read (e.g. some machines have USB stick limitations such as 8GB). 

If properly formatted, make sure the design transferred to the USB stick is for your machine’s file format (e.g. Janome uses JEF file format) and is placed inside the proper folders that were formatted. 

Don’t load too many designs on the USB stick.  The more designs on the USB stick the longer it takes the embroidery machine to read them.  It is recommended you only load the designs you are using for the current project being worked on.

Your machine will not read embroidery files that exceed your largest hoop even though they are loaded on the USB stick.  Make sure to confirm the hoop you have selected on your machine corresponds with the design size.

How do I download my design purchase?

Once you have checked out your shopping cart and completed payment, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with links for the download area of the website.  Click on this link and you can download the zipped design files.

Alternatively, if you have signed up for an account on the Magpie Designs website you can go to the purchases area of your account and your zipped design files will be waiting for you there.  These files will be kept in your account for as long as you have an account on Magpie Designs website.  The download links do not expire.

For custom digitized files, please refer to Custom Digitizing & Embroidery.

What is included in the zipped design folder?

The zipped design folder that you download from the website will contain the following items:

-Design files in various machine file formats; if available in a particular make and/model's hoop size

-Production worksheet displaying design size in both imperial and metric sizing, thread colours, stitch count, design size, number of thread colours, number of thread colour changes, number of thread trims.

-Copyright statement;

-Jpeg image of actual stitch out;

-Templates for applique pieces if applicable (paper pattern pieces to cut applique pieces by hand);  

-Pdf. of instructions if it is a project based file.